Mina or
Love ~!

bipolar + bpd
black nby lesbian 17 ~
no gendered terms or t/t

notes this is a main/priv. idc req if you want no tws ss ok

interests ૮ ˆヮˆ ა the song of achilles, the invention of hugo cabret, they both die at the end, the atlas six, the giver, unforgettable love, webtoons, k & c dramas, musical arts, fashion, sanrio & pink

music anyone that tickles my fancy but I really like beabadoobee 김뜻돌 pinkpantheress mitski iu txt woodz d2ear BOL4 and more!🍡

byf 🐰~ I love books and often live tweet them and shows! I talk about my life a lot and spam tweet or go ia there’s no in between. I also go by Bibi!~! No dnf I just block as I please

whi crd twt